App Santa is Coming to Town

If you’re an iOS user, you might want to peer into this Santa’s sack. For a limited time, app-santaseveral mobile app creators are offering discounts on a selection of popular apps, many of which can help with productivity and idea capture. If you have a break over the holidays, it can be a perfect time to explore a new app or two before the hectic pace resumes. Boost your effectiveness in 2014!

Google Reader Replacements

Google Reader, a much-loved web-based and mobile-app RSS reader, will be shut down on July 1, 2013. Regardless of what you plan to do, use Google Takeout to export your Google Reader data so you have a copy of your feeds,comments, history, and starred/liked posts. If possible, import your Google Reader feed directly to any of these sites if you try them out; this will make the transition process much easier once you decide on a replacement.

Goodbye, old friend.

Goodbye, old friend.

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Haiku Deck: the most fun you’ll have creating presentation slides

Do you have a presentation coming up and you’re weighing your presentation software options? Does PowerPoint seem too stuffy and Prezi seem too… risky for the easily motion sick? Allow me to introduce a third option: Haiku Deck.


Haiku Deck, an iPad app, focuses on the concept of visual storytelling and enables you to create easily shareable, aesthetically pleasing slides in a snap. Because the creation of the slides is centered on visual appeal, it helps the user avoid many of the common pitfalls involved in creating presentation slides and giving presentations; namely, loading the slides down with too much text and reading from the slides too much.

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Who Wants a Stylus?

Even before the iPad existed, Steve Job expressed loathing for the stylus.

The whole point was to have a simple device that required no accessories to fiddle with or to lose (take that Palm!) Since then, the iPad and other tablets have also proliferated, and they arguably could benefit even more from accessories than hand held devices might. There are also situations and creative use cases for mobile devices that Jobs might not have thought of back in 2007. Anyone who needs to be mobile but also writes long pieces or sketches and diagrams a lot could undoubtedly boost their comfort and productivity with an accessory or two. Continue reading

Keeping Up in Your Field with BrowZine

Have an iPad? Help us evaluate a new research tool that is being considered for possible subscription. The libraries of the University of California are running a trial of a new app called BrowZine. It allows you to browse and monitor many academic journals right from your iPad. To facilitate research, articles discovered through BrowZine can easily be sent to Zotero, Dropbox, iAnnotate or several other services to integrate with your existing workflow. Continue reading

A Review of Gmail for iOS

Are you a hardcore Gmail user? The kind with multiple Gmail accounts, who compulsively archives, stars, and labels, and who relies on priority inbox and search to find your important messages? If you use an Android device, then you’re probably content. But if you’re a power Gmail user with an iPhone or iPad, then you might consider switching from Apple’s built-in Mail app to the Gmail app for iOS.

Overview of Gmail 2.0 for iOS

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