Haiku Deck: the most fun you’ll have creating presentation slides

Do you have a presentation coming up and you’re weighing your presentation software options? Does PowerPoint seem too stuffy and Prezi seem too… risky for the easily motion sick? Allow me to introduce a third option: Haiku Deck.


Haiku Deck, an iPad app, focuses on the concept of visual storytelling and enables you to create easily shareable, aesthetically pleasing slides in a snap. Because the creation of the slides is centered on visual appeal, it helps the user avoid many of the common pitfalls involved in creating presentation slides and giving presentations; namely, loading the slides down with too much text and reading from the slides too much.

So how easy is it to create a stunning presentation with Haiku Deck? All you have to do is choose a theme, pictures, and your layouts.


Picking a theme from Haiku Deck’s free and premium options keeps your font effortlessly uniform across slides and can overlay the same filter to all of your photos to further the regularity.


Once you’re working on the slide level and have input some text, you can search for Creative Commons licensed pictures to use as your background image right within the app. You can also create a clean, simple chart within the app or, if you already have images you’d like to use, you can import your own pictures.


Lastly, rearrange your text using the layout feature to best compliment your image and message. The slide tray that runs along the bottom of the screen allows you to easily add, rearrange, copy, and delete slides with a swipe or a tap.

Once your slides are complete, simply upload your presentation to Haiku Deck’s website (either publicly, with restricted access, or privately) to share it through social media and email, export it to PowerPoint, or convert it to a PDF.

Before using Haiku Deck, creating presentation slides was often a frustrating experience, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and fun it was to create well designed, effective slides with this app. My first presentation using Haiku Deck was so successful and created such a buzz that I’ll be hard pressed to use any other presentation software in the near future.

All pictures from Haiku Deck.

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