Who Wants a Stylus?

Even before the iPad existed, Steve Job expressed loathing for the stylus.

The whole point was to have a simple device that required no accessories to fiddle with or to lose (take that Palm!) Since then, the iPad and other tablets have also proliferated, and they arguably could benefit even more from accessories than hand held devices might. There are also situations and creative use cases for mobile devices that Jobs might not have thought of back in 2007. Anyone who needs to be mobile but also writes long pieces or sketches and diagrams a lot could undoubtedly boost their comfort and productivity with an accessory or two.

Some of the accessories most often used with mobile devices include an external keyboard, a cable to connect to a projector or big screen, and yes, the lowly stylus. Do you use any of these, even occasionally? Let us know and feel free to share more about your use in the comments.

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Michele Mizejewski

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  1. As I have long fingernails i find that i require something like a bluetooth keyboard or even a stylus because the bed of my finger has a hard time touching the screen but does not interfere with typing.

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