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The Library’s Pop-Up Consultation Services

Maybe you’ve researching a health topic but can’t seem to find relevant papers in PubMed and are too busy to make a regular appointment with an export searcher. Or, you’re having trouble using reference management software such as EndNote or … Continue reading

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Scopus: a Database Inspired by the Hamerkop Bird

        This is a photograph of the Hammerkop bird (Scopus umbretta).  Impressive looking, isn’t it? But what’s it doing strutting around on this blog? It just so happens that UCSF has a trial for the Scopus database … Continue reading

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New feature in PubMed: Clinical trials link to Systematic Reviews which cite them

If your PubMed search turns up a clinical trial, you may see a box linking to systematic reviews which have cited that trial. Not every clinical trial or systematic review in PubMed is included (yet). For now the National Library … Continue reading

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PubMed Commons: A System for Commenting on Articles in PubMed

Last  October the NCBI launched the pilot phase of a program called PubMed Commons, designed to allow users to comment on published abstracts on the PubMed website. PubMed Commons enables authors to share opinions and information about scientific publications in … Continue reading

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Transferring a Word Bibliography to EndNote

We’re quite often asked if it’s possible to transfer references to an EndNote library from a bibliography formatted in Word. If the Word document has been formatted using a recent version of EndNote it’s easy to do this using the … Continue reading

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MyNCBI: Managing Search Results

The My NCBI “Collections” feature is a means of managing results from different searches.  PubMed recently made it easier to save items to a collection during a search. The PubMed Abstract display now includes a “Save items” portlet, an easy … Continue reading

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MyNCBI: Saving PubMed Searches & Creating Alerts

Are you searching a topic but can’t save the search?  Want to be alerted when the most recent literature is available?  You can do this by creating a free MyNCBI account (see “My NCBI: Making the Most of Your PubMed … Continue reading

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MyNCBI: Making the Most of Your PubMed Search

As a frequent PubMed user, I’m always looking for ways to keep better track of my searches, especially the complicated ones.  I sometimes spend hours crafting and re-crafting a search strategy in PubMed, but forget to save the search.   PubMed … Continue reading

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A Quick Way to Find Information on Dietary Supplements in PubMed

If you’re searching for information on, say, supplements used by athletes, or the efficacy of glucosamine and chondroitin extracts in treating rheumatoid arthritis, use the relatively new PubMed Dietary Supplements subset to refine your search.  This subset of records is designed … Continue reading

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Beyond MEDLINE: Biomedical Information in Patents

You’re doing in depth research on, say,  artificial knee implants. Perhaps you’re applying for a research grant or thinking about applying for a patent. You need to do a comprehensive search and find everything that’s out there. You’ve searched PubMed, … Continue reading

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