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Josephine left UCSF in spring of 2012. Previously, she had been Education & Information Consultant, Clinical Sciences

Tips on How to Get Your Research Published

You’ve been working diligently on your research, and now you’re ready to get your new ideas out to the academic world.  What are the things you should be aware of even before you start to write your research paper?  I … Continue reading

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Show Me the Numbers: Finding Health Statistics

Where do you go when you need to find statistics related to your medical research?  Google right?  Not a bad place to start of course, but in addition to giving you some Google tips, I’ll be pointing out tips on … Continue reading

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Link Google Scholar Citations into RefWorks/EndNote

Here’s a quick trick that makes transferring citations you find in Google Scholar into your RefWorks or EndNote account a cinch. Click on the Scholar Preferences link in the upper right corner of Google Scholar. Scroll to the bottom of … Continue reading

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Online Guides to Navigate Your Topics

You’re on the hunt for information, but where should you start? Check out our new online guides created by the Library’s subject experts.   Major benefits of using subject guides: Save time trying to figure out what resources to use … Continue reading

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Wolfram|Alpha: An Answer Engine

Need a change from searching Google?  “No, not really.  I love Google”, would be the most common answer, I’d suspect, to this question. The next time you have a question that relates to statistics, numbers, or data sets, try your … Continue reading

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Academic Search Complete: Search Popular Newspapers & Magazines

Curious to find out what the popular newspapers and magazines have to say about a topic?  There are times when you want to find out about a topic beyond what is just in academic publications.  Using the Academic Search Complete … Continue reading

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Faculty of 1000: the Yelp of Scientific Literature

Most of us have gone to the website Yelp to find out ratings and recommendations for everything ranging from restaurants to doctors and everything in between.  Even the UCSF Library has been “yelped”.  Well, the Faculty of 1000 database is … Continue reading

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Google Quick Tip: Getting General Health Info

I’ve noticed recently that Google has made finding more reliable information on general health topics much easier. Search a general topic (ie, diabetes, heart disease, pneumonia, etc.) Check to see if the top result has a red icon in front … Continue reading

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Help Alpha Test Project Evergreen Search Tool

Elsevier, the publisher that brings you resources such as MDConsult and ProceduresConsult, is alpha testing a new search tool called Evergreen.   The content in this pilot project currently concentrates more on General Medicine, Cardiology, and Orthopedics, and plans are to expand … Continue reading

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Re-sort PubMed Results to Reveal Hidden Gems

Did you know that you can re-sort the results of your PubMed search?  The default results view is known as the Summary view, showing the bare bones information, with the most recent publication at the top of the list. There … Continue reading

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