VisualDX, you asked for it and here it is!

UCSF Library is pleased to provide a trial of VisualDx.

Find it here: or by searching in Databases from the UCSF Library home page. Bookmark the homepage while you are here!


  1. Aids in visual diagnosis of skin lesions and more.

2.Will create a differential diagnosis  based on symptoms and signs you provide.

  1. Contains disease information as well. Includes visual formulations of illness presentations. See image at bottom for AIDP.

Access it from your computer and mobile device (see image below).

VisualDx and UpToDate integrate with one another. You will see VisualDx icons in UTD and vice-versa. These will not appear on the mobile apps for either.

Please try out VisualDx and let us know what you think. Please forward any questions you have as well.


About Whit

Whit is the Education and Information Consultant for Medicine at UCSF Library.
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2 Responses to VisualDX, you asked for it and here it is!

  1. Tim says:

    What happened to VisualDx? I loved that thing? Can we get an institutional subscription, like to UpToDate, so I can use it on my mobile devices?

    • Whit says:

      We at the library all loved VisualDX as well. It is a one of a kind resource. When our short-term trial ended we were quoted a price for institutional access that we could not afford. UpToDate is paid for by the medical center for the same reason. We are looking for ways to gain access but to date have not had success. Whit

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