Fair Use Week 2017 – The Four Factors of Fair Use

It’s Fair Use Week, and I’m going to be blogging for the week on the four factors of fair use. When is a use fair? How much of a work can I use? What should I think about when I’m using materials that are protected by copyright? When are permissions needed?

Most of the time, fair use is interpreted and determined by the courts in copyright infringement lawsuits. Fair use is the part of U.S. Copyright Law (Section 107) that allows an individual to use portions of a copyrighted work without obtaining permissions from the copyright holder. However, the person must determine whether the use is “fair,” by conducting a critical assessment weighing four factors about the material being used. All four factors must be considered during the assessment. Each day, there will be a blog post on one of the four factors and considerations to think about and apply during the assessment process.

Besides the blog posts, the Library will be hosting a table in the lobby of the Medical Sciences Building on Thursday, February 23, from 12:00-1:00pm, and in the lobby of the Parnassus Library from 1:30-2:30pm. Stop by, learn about fair use, ask any copyright questions, and grab a snack to go!

Check out these LibGuides for more information on copyright, fair use, and finding and using images:

Questions? Contact Peggy Tahir, Education & Copyright Librarian.

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