ALTBIB: A Comprehensive Resource for Information on Alternatives to the Use of Live Animals in Biomedical Research and Toxicity Testing

Looking for information on alternatives to the use of animals in research and toxicity testing? Try the National Library of Medicine’s ALTBIB website, specifically  developed to help you find the most reliable resources:















A unique feature of Altbib are the links to PubMed/MEDLINE with the option of searching PubMed with a pre-set filter of Medical Subject Headings related to over 17 topics:

altmedpubmedALTBIB also provides access to animal alternatives news sources, such as the Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods (ICCVAM). The portal has an extensive collection of links to key organizations providing information on alternatives to animal testing. ALTBIB provides access to ICCVAM’s “International Acceptance of Alternative Methods, 1998-2012” and “U.S. and International Milestones in Alternative Test Method Development and Evaluations.”

In addition to the topic area PubMed searches, ALTBIB includes a searchable bibliographic collection on alternatives to animal testing. This collection provides citations from published articles, books, book chapters, and technical reports published from 1980 to 2000. The bibliography features citations concerning methods, tests, assays, and procedures that may prove useful in establishing alternatives to the use of  live animals .

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