Looking for High Quality Clinical Evidence in a Hurry? Try PubMed’s Clinical Queries!











Clinical Queries (CQ) is somewhat hidden on the PubMed homepage, but allows you to quickly narrow your search for clinical information to systematic reviews and controlled clinical trials. Medical genetics results are also shown in a third column.

Using CQ is easy. Type in the search box, click on Search and look at your results. You can fine tune your results by choosing a Category (as “Therapy” in the example) and Scope (“Broad” or “Narrow”).


That is all there is to it. CQ is useful when you are looking for a few good articles on which to make evidence-based clinical decisions.

Give it a try!

Evans Whitaker, MD, M.L.I.S.,  Education and Information Consultant for Medicine, UCSF Library.

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Whit is the Education and Information Consultant for Medicine at UCSF Library.
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