Using RefWorks to Capture Bibliographic Information for a Web Page

A previous post outlined one procedure for capturing bibliographic information for a Web page using EndNote/EndNote Web. It’s a little easier for RefWorks users since you can download the RefGrab-It plugin that’s specifically designed to do this. You download it from the Tools menu in your RefWorks account:







RefGrab-It is available in two versions: as a bookmarklet that works with either Internet Explorer or Firefox, or as downloadable plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Say you want to reference the following CDC page:









You select RefGrab-It and it captures the basic bibliographic information:










You then import this into a RefWorks folder:







Note that in some cases RefGrab-It can look up standard numbers such as an ISSN or DOI to retrieve more complete records about the content you are viewing, which is why it works particularly well with PubMed and Amazon records. However, in most instances citation information captured using RefGrab-It is not as complete as records exported from databases such as PubMed, so you may have to do a little bit of editing.

Complete information for installing and using RefGrab-It is available in the online help section of your RefWorks account.

For an online tutorial click here.

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