RefWorks and Problems with Write-n-Cite 4.0

Some RefWorks users have had trouble downloading the new WnC 4.0 install file from the RefWorks site or are experiencing problems installing the software.  The RefWorks folks are aware of these problems and are working to resolve the issue which affects some users on the specific combination of 64bit Windows (Vista or Windows 7) and 32bit Office.

Many Windows users have reported long wait times to sync their RefWorks account with Write-N-Cite and their word document.  RefWorks intends to put out a significant update, which you will receive via the new update notification feature in Write-N-Cite.

If you’re frustrated tying to get version 4.0 to install, or work properly, for the time being you can continue to use WnC 3. Or you can format a paper without WnC  using One-Line-Cite. View this  short tutorial showing you how to use this alternative method:


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