Having Problems with RefWorks’ Write-n-Cite? Try “One-Line/Cite” Instead!

If you’re using Write-n-Cite to format your paper’s bibliography and it works fine – great! Unfortunately, in our current world of continual updates some software updates don’t work as intended. Several users here at UCSF, usually Mac users, have had difficulty getting the new RefWorks Write-n-Cite 4.0 to function correctly. If thisĀ  happens to you and you’re on a deadline for submitting a paper to a journal, you might want to think about formatting the paper’s bibliography without using Write-n-Cite, using the alternative One-Line/Cite method.

This short UCSF Library video shows you how to use One-Line/Cite to add references to your paper and format a bibliography:

Note that the One Line / Cite View method of citing will support any word processor which is able to save or export documents in a .doc, .docx, .rtf or .odt format. ThisĀ  include Pages, OpenOffice and most other word processors.

(The video was created by Quincy McCrary).

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