MyNCBI: Making the Most of Your PubMed Search

As a frequent PubMed user, I’m always looking for ways to keep better track of my searches, especially the complicated ones.  I sometimes spend hours crafting and re-crafting a search strategy in PubMed, but forget to save the search.   PubMed only saves your activity for 8 hours, so if you walk away and forget about it, you may not see your search again.

That’s where MyNCBI comes in.  With MyNCBI, you can save searches indefinitely, organize your results, set up email alerts, create bibliographies and even create your own custom filters.

To get started, first set up your MyNCBI account (it’s free).  You can get there via the Library’s link “PubMed@UCSF”.

Once in PubMed,    just click on “MyNCBI” at the top…

then “Register for an account”.

If you need help registering and/or setting up your account, check out this tutorial:


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