New Guide: Introduction to PubMed@UCSF

Need to get started with your research? Take a look at our newest online guide to find helpful tips and tricks for searching PubMed. Pretty soon you’ll be a Super Searcher!

The guide covers all the basic search techniques in PubMed. It explains the contents of the PubMed database and how the PubMed search interface works. You can learn how to narrow a search using the Limits feature, or how to quickly find a specific citation to an article using the Single Citation Matcher. There are some brief tutorials embedded into the guide, giving you step-by-step instructions for using specific search features. Learn how to break down your clinical question using Boolean Operators, and learn the power of quickly finding randomized controlled trials using the Clinical Queries feature.

The guide also covers the various display options for reviewing your retrieved citations and abstracts, and explains how to save, print, and download the information you need, including using the Clipboard, a temporary space to save references before printing or downloading. It will also explain how to get to the full text of articles when you are in PubMed by using UC-eLinks.

If you still have questions after reviewing the information in this guide, you can always take one of the Library’s PubMed classes, or make an appointment for a personal consultation with a Librarian.

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