Get PubMed PDFs Faster with PubGet’s PaperPlane tool.

PubGet’s PaperPlane

A previous post highlighted PubGet, a Web-based search engine for life sciences researchers for conducting searches of the medical literature and fast retrieval of full-text PDFs. However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to explore yet another biomedical search engine and just want to stick with PubMed, you can still get fast access to PubMed’s PDFs by using the PubGet PaperPlane tool.

It’s simple to use. First you add a PaperPlane bookmarklet¬† to your browser toolbar:




When you search PubMed, click on the title of an article to select the Abstract format:

Then  select the PaperPlane link from the Bookmarks menu/bar and PubGet opens a new window and gets you the PDF:


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