Tips on How to Get Your Research Published

You’ve been working diligently on your research, and now you’re ready to get your new ideas out to the academic world.  What are the things you should be aware of even before you start to write your research paper? 

I found an easy to follow 25 minute video produced by Taylor & Francis Publishing.  I gained so many helpful insights from the presentation while watching and listening to the presentation at my desk during lunch.

Here are some of the things I learned:

  • For every 100 articles submitted to a publisher for peer review, about 30 will be accepted for publication in that journal.
  • 70% of surveyed academic authors say they write the paper first and then figure out where they want to publish.
  • The publisher’s advice for getting your paper accepted: BEFORE writing your article, already have in mind which journal you want to submit your manuscript.
  • Most importantly, research what journals are the most frequently published in your field.
  • Publishers can be impressed if you have cited articles in your research from the publication to which you are submitting your paper.
  • The title of your paper is important.  Think of what words a researcher would type into a search engine to find out information related to your research.
  • Don’t embed images in the manuscript.  Add images as a separate email attachment file when you submit your paper for review.
  • Only submit your article to one journal at a time.
  • Once you have your paper accepted, market it to others by providing a link to the article in your email signature.

A snapshot of how an academic researcher approaches the publication process:

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