Citing Medicine: A Free Online Style Guide

I came across this book on the NCBI Bookshelf: Citing Medicine, 2nd Edition -Authored by Karen Patrias and Dan Wendling and published by the National Library of Medicine, it provides information on how to cite all manner of print and non-print items for your bibliographies. There are examples of ways to cite unpublished manuscripts, patents, websites, online journal articles, email discussion forums, DVDs, and more. Of course the regular print article citation formats and book formats are also included. The book also includes several appendixes such as Abbreviations for Commonly Used English Words in Journal Titles, Notes for Citing MEDLINE/PubMed, and ISO Country Codes for Selected Countries. Keep a link to this on your desktop and you will quickly be able to look up and find the correct citation format for whatever type of material you need to cite in your bibliography.

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