Pubget: A Faster Way to Get PDFs

If you’re familiar with searching PubMed you’ll be a little frustrated with the number of hoops you have to jump through before finally being able to read the entire article. Now along comes Pubget to make finding PDFs a lot easier.

PubGet is a search engine for PDFs in the life sciences which not only helps you search for your articles of interest but also supplies you with the PDF  as part of the results.

Be aware though that you’re not getting unlimited access to free articles. The only way to get the full text is if it is open access (e.g., PubMed Central)  or if your institutional library has a subscription to the journal.

Pubget is a great tool for scanning the table of contents of top biomedical journals. At the homepage simply click on the journal title to view the current table of contents.

PubMed@UCSF or Pubget? We suggest you use PubGet to get the full text of an article quickly, to scan the latest Table of Contents for top journals, and to keep up with journal publications via Twitter. Use PubMed@UCSF for in-depth literature searches, to search for older articles in numerous journals, and to save searches in MyNCBI for RSS or email alerts of new relevant articles. is a free service for non-profit institutions and their libraries and researchers. The company is privately funded.

UCSF people can get to the Library’s portal for PubGet using this URL.

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