Ready to Publish Your Research Findings. But, Where?

Use Journal Citation Reports (JCR) to Find High Impact Journals

After you finish your manuscripts and are ready to publish, you may ask  the question, “Where do I publish?” You can find your answer quickly using Journal Citation Reports. Use JCR to find each journal’s impact factor, which reflects the frequency of which an average article in the  journal has been cited in a particular year. In addition, you will find journal rankings in a specific subject area. 

Access for UCSF (Use EZproxy for remote access): 

  • Click on List of Databases on the Library’s home page ; enter jcr in the search box. (see below)

  • Click on the jcr link to connect you to the jcr page.
  • View a group of journals by subject category; then click on Submit. (see below)
  •  Select one category of your interest; click on Submit. 
  •  Change the sort option to impact factor; click on “Sort again.” Now, you can see the journal rankings and identify high impact journals in cardiac and cardiovascular systems. Please note that this set of journal rankings is only for the specific category : cardiac and cardiovascular systems. (see below)





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