What is EndNote Web® ? How Does It Differ from the Desktop Version?

If you’re a regular user of EndNote you may have noticed the EndNote Web option in your library window:

What exactly is EndNote Web and is it something you’ll find useful?

EndNoteWeb is essentially a simplified version of the desktop version of EndNote, where the references are stored on the Web rather than on your computer.  Click on EndNote Web/configure to register for an account. Access is valid for one year.  Once you sign up, you can use EndNote Web from any computer using the URL www.myendnoteweb.com.

This is the EndNote Web window:

Who’ll find EndNote Web useful?

For professional researchers EndNote Web is a complement to the desktop version, providing a way to manage references while away from your desktop computers. Research groups will also find the ability to share libraries with colleagues a useful feature of EndNoteWeb.  Those working in teams can manage colleagues’ access by setting up either “read only” or “read& edit” sharing options for each library.

More information about EndNote Web can be found here.

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