Link Google Scholar Citations into RefWorks/EndNote

Here’s a quick trick that makes transferring citations you find in Google Scholar into your RefWorks or EndNote account a cinch.

  1. Click on the Scholar Preferences link in the upper right corner of Google Scholar.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the preferences page to the Bibliography Manager section and select the button for “Show links to export citations into…”
  3. Click the drop down arrow to select one of five options for citation management programs (most popular are RefWorks or EndNote).
  4. MUST remember to select the Save Preferences button on the lower right of the options page.


While you’re on this preferences page, just above the Bibliography Manager option, also select the Results Window box option to “Open search results in a new browser window”.  This makes browsing through several results more efficient because you won’t have to click any “back” button on your browser to get back to your original set of Google Scholar results.

Once you have saved your preferences, when you run your next Google Scholar search, you will see a link below each article to the citation management software that you selected.  See image below:

Why is this so amazing?

  • You can create this link in any browser on any computer at any time.
  • Once done, you simply click on this Import link to automatically file this citation into your citation management software.
  • You’ve now made Google Scholar into more of a scholarly database by being able to import a citation without having to copy or paste any information.

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