Academic Search Complete: Search Popular Newspapers & Magazines

Curious to find out what the popular newspapers and magazines have to say about a topic?  There are times when you want to find out about a topic beyond what is just in academic publications.  Using the Academic Search Complete database is the perfect place to start.

Why is this resource so awesome?

  • It’s a multi-disciplinary full-text database that searches over 8,500 periodicals that include over 7,300 peer-reviewed journals
  • Searches popular newspapers (ie, Wall Street Journal, New York Times)
  • Searches popular magazines (ie, Time, Newsweek, Fortune)
  • Searches books, book reviews, government documents, and conference proceedings

How do I search this great resource?

There are several ways to search Academic Search Complete.  Here are a few of my recommendations:

1. Get to the resource by going to the databases link in the orange bar of the library’s homepage & type in Academic.  Academic Search Complete will be the first result.

2.  It is helpful to focus your results by looking for your search terms to appear in the title or abstract of the article.

3.  Narrow your results by adjusting the options in the left menu bar of the results page.


There is a quick way to automatically generate a citation for the reference when you look to the right of the abstract.

So keep the Academic Search Complete database in mind the next time you want to hear what’s going on outside of pure academia.  You can also check out this resource on your mobile device.  Learn about that at


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