NEW! Thieme’s e-Books: Find and Download Colorful Medical Illustrations

The UCSF Library has a new addition to its e-book collection – The Thieme E-Book Library.

The Thieme E-Book Library provides you with access to Thieme’s Flexibook and Color Atlas series. Check out Thieme’s exciting, world-renowned full-color photos and illustrations with full texts that are now available online!

How to access (Use EZproxy for remote access)

The Thieme E-Book Library covers a wide range of subjects in medicine and life sciences such as anatomy, basic sciences, dentistry, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology, radiology, etc.  The searching features allow you to conduct full-text or field searches within individual books or throught the entire E-Book collection.

Below is a list of a few titles in the collection.

Some useful functionalities you might want to utilize are:

  • Download, save and read books offline using these simple steps:


  1. In order to store your personalized information, you must first register to create your own account.
  2. Then, install “iOffline reader” on your computer, using a UCSF IP address.
  3. You can now download and save books. Consult here, should you have a problem authenticating your iOffline installation.







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