Faculty of 1000: the Yelp of Scientific Literature

Most of us have gone to the website Yelp to find out ratings and recommendations for everything ranging from restaurants to doctors and everything in between.  Even the UCSF Library has been “yelped”.  Well, the Faculty of 1000 database is like the Yelp of scientific literature.

For those of you who have used the Faculty of 1000 Biology or Faculty of 1000 Medicine in the past, you can attest to the coolness factor of this resource.  Instead of a database that provides article abstracts, F1000 is a place to find the evaluations, currently over 82,000, of top papers in the basic sciences and medical fields.  It’s the place to go to find out what’s hot in scientific literature.

Unlike Yelp, where anyone can give their two cents, F1000 evaluators are experts in their fields. The post-publication peer review is done by the “faculty of 1000”,  who are the scientists and physicians selected by an International Advisory Board to appoint 43 Heads of Faculties in specialized topics.  There are now over 10,000 faculty and currently 52 of them are affiliated with UCSF.

Two key reasons why you should search Faculty of 1000:

  1. Highlights papers on the basis of scientific merit rather than the journal in which they appear.
  2. Offers an immediate rating of individual papers by the authors’ peers.

Navigating F1000

  • Use the Advanced Search feature to be able to run more specific searches [ie, search words within the title or abstract or subject specialty]
  • Look at the Articles Changing Clinical Practice in the light blue region to find literature influencing clinical medicine
  • In the F1000 Features section, see what’s in the Top 7 in Medicine

Other key features to explore in the lower portions of the F1000 homepage are:

  • The Top 7 in Cancer Biology
  • F1000 Posters – view posters from scientific and medical conferences
  • Read the current issue of The Scientist magazine


When viewing your results, use the Sort by: dropdown to re-sort results by options such as Most Evaluated or F1000 Factor.

The next time you need to pull up an article to discuss at journal club, search Faculty of 1000 for the quickest way to find the hottest paper.






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