Google Quick Tip: Getting General Health Info

I’ve noticed recently that Google has made finding more reliable information on general health topics much easier.

  • Search a general topic (ie, diabetes, heart disease, pneumonia, etc.)
  • Check to see if the top result has a red icon in front of it
  • The link will take you to a nice summary of the topic from a reliable source – the PubMed Health website (from the organization that runs PubMed)

There are also quick links under the top result that take you to specific parts of the health page (ie, Causes, Symptoms, Tests, etc.)

EXTRA TIP: Remember to go to MedlinePlus for fully comprehensive health information.  The site is run by the same organizations that bring you PubMed Health – the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine.  You can also connect to MedlinePlus on your mobile device by going to


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Josephine left UCSF in spring of 2012. Previously, she had been Education & Information Consultant, Clinical Sciences
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