RefWorks Launches New User Friendly Interface

When you now login to your RefWorks account you’ll notice that a new RefWorks 2.0 button/link has been added to the main toolbar:

Sometime in 2011 the current interface will be replaced with what is being called RefWorks 2.0. No need to panic though, since the current existing interface, now referred to as “Classic,” will be available at least through the summer and probably through the rest of the year. So for the time being you can continue to use it, or switch to the new interface. RefWorks 2.0 is more user-friendly than the existing interface, taking advantage of the latest web technologies and contemporary design elements. It’s also clean and intuitive, and brings frequently used features to the forefront. The new interface works fine with Write-N-Cite, RefShare, and  RefGrab-It, though for now the look of these tools will remain the same.

RefWorks “Classic:”

RefWorks "Classic" Interface

The same folder viewed in RefWorks 2.0:

The New RefWorks 2.0 Interface

You can view an online video on RefWorks 2.0 here.

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