New Online Books!

The library has recently added Springer e-Books to its online collections. This is a comprehensive collection of books covering many disciplines, including medicine, biomedical and life sciences, behavioral science, earth and environmental science, chemistry, physics and more.

To get to the Springer e-Books collection, go to the Library’s Databases page, and search for Springer. Once you see your search results, click on the link to Springer e-Books.

When you get to the SpringerLink Books site, you will see a list of grouped collections in the left margin. You can select a specific collection (such as Medicine) or you can browse all collections by a word or phrase. If you select a specific collection, you can then narrow your search by typing in a word or phrase to search within that collection. You can expand searches by selected subject criteria (i.e., public health, oncology, or pathology). The related subjects show up in the left column once you have conducted a search. You can also narrow your search by publication type (i.e., book chapter or journal article), becasue the SpringerLink page connects to journal content as well as book content.

Here is an example. I selected the Medicine collection. Then I scrolled down the subject categories within that collection and selected Dentistry. Once there, I saw that there were 40 books, so I selected books and opted not to look at the journal articles. Once I scrolled through the book list, I selected a book on Oral Pathology. The table of contents showed up in the left margin so I could easily navigate to the chapter I wanted.

Enjoy this new resource!

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