Welcome to Our New Blog

We, the education and reference librarians at the UCSF Library, are ringing in the new year with the launch of this our new co-authored blog, In Plain Sight.  Our weekly posts will provide:

  • information searching tips (ie, databases, Google)
  • citation management tips (ie, RefWorks, EndNote)
  • educational insights (ie, how to improve your PPT presentation style; where’s the best place to publish your research paper; understanding copyright issues)

Who we are:

This blog is a spin-off of the Medical Education Literature Searching blog that was mainly targetted the medical school population.  With the In Plain Sight blog, we are providing information that will benefit a wide audience of interprofessional flavor.

We welcome your comments and suggestions as to what types of information you’d like to learn about.

About Josephine

Josephine left UCSF in spring of 2012. Previously, she had been Education & Information Consultant, Clinical Sciences
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