Fall 2014 Tech Clinics Announced

Have you been working on CLE or multimedia projects this summer in preparation for fall courses? If you have, I am sure you have questions or even better, want to share some of the great work that you have done. Just in time for the Fall 2014 quarter, we are excited to announce dates for the upcoming Tech Clinics offered through the Learning Technologies Group and UCSF Library. You can register for a Clinic today on the Tech Clinics page. Continue reading

Need a Cure? LTG Tech Clinics Announced!

tech_clinics_logo3The Learning Technologies Group is thrilled to announce the launch of Tech Clinics, which consists of two separate, all-day, collaborative learning events held on the first and fourth Friday of every month. All Clinics will take place in CL-245 Multimedia Multipurpose Room in the UCSF Library Tech Commons. Below is additional information and registration instructions for each Clinic. Continue reading

YouTube, Vimeo and Moodle 2!

3_videoA new feature in Moodle 2 is the ability to easily embed Vimeo videos in CLE courses using only the video URL. With ETS running a UCSF Vimeo pilot program, this is good news for many CLE users. The plug-in for embedding YouTube videos using just the video URL has been possible since Moodle 1.9, and Vimeo videos can now be added to Moodle 2 courses the same way.

Adding YouTube and Vimeo videos to a CLE course page is as easy as inserting a hyperlink into a Word document Continue reading