Messaging with Quickmail

quickmailThe CLE offers a number of methods for communication within a course, including forums, live chat, and an internal messaging system. If you want to contact course participants fast, however, each of these methods can fall short. Unless course editors and participants are logged in at the same time, or regularly viewing their courses, it is easy to miss updates because email notifications can be delayed anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, or longer if a user has changed their notification preferences.

Enter: The Quickmail block! With Quickmail, you can push an email from within your CLE course to any number of course participants or groups, directly and immediately to their UCSF email inbox.

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Need a Cure? LTG Tech Clinics Announced!

tech_clinics_logo3The Learning Technologies Group is thrilled to announce the launch of Tech Clinics, which consists of two separate, all-day, collaborative learning events held on the first and fourth Friday of every month. All Clinics will take place in CL-245 Multimedia Multipurpose Room in the UCSF Library Tech Commons. Below is additional information and registration instructions for each Clinic. Continue reading

Messaging in Moodle 2

Message_pad_with_penUCSF faculty and staff often contact LTG with questions about how they can leverage the messaging system in Moodle to better communicate with students. The current messaging system in Moodle 1.9 is not intuitive and is used infrequently at UCSF. Messaging in Moodle 2 has been overhauled and some of the improvements are substantial enough to potentially win over some new users.

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