Convergence: Creating Tomorrow’s CLE serves to create awareness about emerging technologies and content creation tools for users of the UCSF Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE). It is also a platform to communicate and document the growth and evolution of the CLE. Readers will have the opportunity to become more informed about the CLE’s present and, more importantly, its future. Readers will also discover and learn more about the wide variety of learning and collaboration tools available at UCSF.

We definitely need to hear from readers about the direction the blog should take, and, more importantly, the direction the CLE should take. We want to hear it all. What new CLE tools and modules should we highlight? What new features and enhancements would you like to see incorporated into the CLE? What areas need improvement? What can we do to make the CLE better?

Contributors to the blog vary both in experience and roles at UCSF. They will come not only from the UCSF Library, but we hope from all over campus – from faculty making innovative use of the CLE in their teaching, to students using it for a wide variety of collaborative activities. Our hope is to create an engaging reading experience showcasing the many uses of the CLE. Please let us know if you would like to contribute to Convergence.

cle_logoAbout the CLE: The Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) provides a framework and toolset designed to support learner-centered environments, collaborative learning, and other collaborative activities at UCSF. Moodle is the anchor system and provides many core functions. The CLE also supports and integrates with other tools, including electronic portfolios, learning object repositories, lecture capture, video hosting, and curriculum management (Ilios) systems.

The UCSF Library has primary responsibility for managing and supporting the CLE. Additionally, many faculty, staff and students from all the professional schools and from across UCSF continue to play key roles in the evolution and growth of the CLE.

ltg team photoDirect CLE support is provided by the Learning Tech Group, under the UCSF Library. Our mission is to enhance the teaching and learning process at UCSF by empowering faculty, students, and staff to use innovative instructional technologies and eLearning strategies to create learning environments that encourage student engagement.

In addition to CLE support, we also support a number of related services, including the UCSF Portfolio, an equipment for loan program, and multimedia workstations and software available in the Library Tech Commons (UCSF Library, 2nd Floor, Room 240).

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