The CLE Update for June 2018 is here!

Each year, we apply updates to the CLE that bring new features and capabilities. On the morning of Saturday, June 30th, the CLE received one of those updates, and it brings a number of exciting changes that will enhance the user experience. The tutorial video, help document and links provided below offer details on the most notable changes!

Participants page update 2018In addition to the new Boost theme, the participants and enrollment methods pages have also received updates. Those two pages have been combined into a new Participants page where course editors can get an accurate student count, enroll users and manage groups. Please check out our help document for more information.

Other minor changes that have been applied include the following:

  • Easier management of CLE calendar items, including drag-and-drop events
  • Global search improvements that allow you to search courses that you have access to, but aren’t enrolled in
  • Improvement to activity completion for instructors, allowing them to manually mark items as complete on behalf of students
  • More file upload restriction options for instructors who are setting up assignments
  • And more! See this article for details.

And finally, the CLE is using a new system called Font Awesome to support toolbar icons, so you will notice an updated look to the buttons on the HTML toolbar editor. The buttons are the same, they just look a bit different.toolbar editor iconsIf you have any questions about these new features, please don’t hesitate to contact the Learning Tech Group. Thank you, and have a great summer!

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