CLE Upgrade Coming Dec. 29

UCSF Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) is getting an update. The CLE (powered by Moodle) will be upgraded from version 3.2 to 3.3 on December 29, 2017 and will be unavailable from 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM (PT) to complete the upgrade.

Although this upgrade will introduce a few new features which will benefit all CLE users, this post will focus on the most notable change—Course Overview block. We’ll introduce the other new features in our future posts so please stay tuned!

1. What is Course Overview block and where can I find it?

The Course Overview block is the center column block that appears on the dashboard page. This is the most visible change this upgrade brings. The new course overview block allows students to check their course progress and view upcoming deadlines. Instructors can easily see activities that need grading.

2. How does it work?

There are two main tabs in the new Course Overview block—the Timeline tab and the Courses tab. The Timeline tab can be sorted by dates or by courses. The Courses tab can be sorted by whether the course are “In progress”, “Past” or “Future”.

Timeline Tab

Sort By Dates

  • When sorted by dates, sections for Recently overdue (if applicable), Today, Next 7 days, and Next 30 days display.
  • Users can click to go directly to a required item – for example, ‘Add submission’ to submit an assignment if you are a student. Instructors will see “Grade” link.
  • When an activity such as an Assignment is submitted (or graded if you are an instructor), it is no longer displayed.
  • Activities such as Assignment or Quiz without due date won’t be displayed in this view.

This screenshot shows the timeline sorted by dates:

Sort By Courses

Sort By Courses view shows activities filtered by course. If a course is using Activity Completion Tracking, it shows a circle with a percentage completion icon. This percentage shows how many of the activities with activity completion settings have been completed so far.

This screenshot shows the timeline sorted by courses:

Courses Tab

In the Courses tab, users can view their current, future or past courses, which is determined by the course start and end date. Courses without the end date will be listed as a current course. You can set course start/end date in the Course Settings page in each course.

This screenshot shows current (in progress) courses:

3. FAQ

Q: What Activities will be displayed as items that need attention?
A: All Activities (not Resources) with due dates. Forum with unread posts will no longer show up in the Course Over View block. Please use the notifications to receive Forum updates.

Q: Can I change the display order of the courses?
A: Unfortunately, no. However, the Recent Courses and Favorite Courses blocks help you give you a shortcut to the courses you frequently visit.

Q: What would happen if the courses do not have start and end date?
A: All CLE courses have a start date by default. If a course is missing the end date, it will be displayed as a current (in progress) course.

Q: How do I set the course start and end date?
A: On the Edit Settings page of the course. Navigate to the Administration Block>Edit Settings> Course Start Date and Course End Date

Q: My course doesn’t have the percentage completion icon. Why?
A: Enable Completion Tracking in the Edit Settings page. Navigate to the Administration Block>Edit Settings> Enable Completion Tracking: Yes

Please contact us at | 415-476-9426 (M-F 8:30 AM-5:00 PM PT) if you have any questions. We will cover more new features in our future posts so stay tuned!

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