Global Search is Here At Last

cle global search barWe’ve been asking for it, and finally we have it. The ability to perform a global, keyword search for courses and content in the CLE is now possible! This is a new feature that became available after we updated the CLE on July 1. A search can be started from any page in the CLE, using the magnifying glass icon that is found on the top-most navigation bar. Results can include courses, course resources and activities, and even text within forum posts.

To start a new search:

  1. Hover over the magnifying glass found in the top-right of any page, and type a keyword.
  2. Press the RETURN key on your keyboard to begin the search.
  3. Browse the results, and click the title (in bold) of a result to open its page.

frontal lobe keyword search

Note: Search results are limited to the content that you have access to. Another words, you will only see results from courses that you are enrolled in.

frontal lobe search results page

More information about search filters, advanced searches, understanding the results page, and more, can be found on our Global Search help document:

screen shot of search doc on ltg website

If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact us. Happy searching!

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