Enjoy Improved Communication Features in the CLE

The CLE was recently upgraded to version 3.2 and there are a number of new features that have been added to improve communication between Instructors and students.

Here are the new communications features that Faculty, Students and Staff will enjoy in their sites:

New User Menu & Notifications
Messages, notifications, and a new user menu are now displayed on the top right of your screen. These features were already available in the previous version of the CLE but they are now part of the navigation bar so it’s easy to access messages, keep track of notifications, and update your preferences all from one place.

Send quick messages and communicate in a chat like fashion with students from inside the CLE. Red alerts appear above the message icon to let you know that you have pending messages. The new interface also features a chat window that shows conversation in real-time. Within chat, you can search for other users by name, course, or keywords from past conversations. Adjust your preferences to choose whether you are notified via email or through direct mobile notifications.

Use case: Send individual messages to students to coordinate a meeting, send reminders or last minute room changes, send details for a class trip or an important event.

Support Resources:
Learning Tech Support Center Messaging instructions
Moodle Documentation

Notifications keep you up to date so you never miss a thing! A red alert will appear in the notifications menu at the top of the screen alerting you of new notifications for assignments, forum posts, and more. Adjust your preferences to choose what you will be notified about and whether you are notified via email or through direct mobile notifications.

Support Resources:
Learning Tech Support Notifications instructions
Moodle Documentation

Now you can review and modify your all your preferences from one page! You’ll have the option to edit your profile, change preferences for Forums, Messaging and Notifications.

It can be accessed directly from the user menu top right or from a link in the user’s Profile page.

Support Resources:
Learning Tech Support Preferences instructions
Moodle Documentation

The functionality of forums has also been improved for both instructors and students:

Pinned Forums
Instructors are now able to pin important forum posts to the top of the page. This can be done when posts are created or by editing them afterwards in the administrative interface.

Important posts like FAQs or forum rules can be pinned so they appear at the top of the list and students can view them upon entering the forum. This saves them from having to locate essential information in a sea of posts.
Pinned Forum PostTimed forum posts
Now you can schedule a date and time for a forum post to appear. This feature is very useful for instructors who like to draft forum posts in advance.Display periodSubscribe to individual discussions
If a forum in the CLE is set to optional or auto subscription, you can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to the forum. If you subscribe to a forum in the CLE, you will not only see the post in the forum but you will also receive an email.

subscribed to forumPermalink feature
Every post made in the CLE now comes with an option to create a permalink. Click permalink to create a direct link to a specific forum post, the link can be copied from the browser bar and easily shared with others.

This is really helpful because if you just link to the forum, your post may be moved down the list as newer posts appear on the list.

permalink for forumsSupport Resources:
Learning Tech Support Forum instructions
Moodle Documentation

Have questions about any of the features listed above? Attend a Tech Clinic at the UCSF Library, contact a Learning Tech Specialist, or leave a comment below!

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