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Digital Media Tools graphicDid you know that the Tech Commons has applications and resources available to help you create a variety of digital media projects?

With so many tech tools at your disposal, it can be confusing which application to use. In this post, we’ll give you an overview of our most popular applications and how you can use them for your digital media projects.

Audio Recording
Audacity and Camtasia are both multi-track audio editing software. You can record audio, import audio files, chop them up, fade them in and out, or use more advanced editing features, then export the entire project as an MP3 or WAV file. Both applications are available can be used with Windows, Mac, and are compatible with a variety of audio file formats.

Use Cases: Record or edit podcasts, interviews, or narrations.

Podcast Example
Click the image below to listen to a podcast by UCSF’s Dr. Lynn Ponton and Jennifer Wong, LMFT, which is record in the Tech Commons eLearning Studio (CL245).

Podcast example image






Content Authoring
Create interactive eLearning content with Articulate Studio. The Articulate Studio software is a collection of tools used to rapidly create online eLearning presentations. The software works seamlessly with Microsoft Office as a PowerPoint plug-in. Users can record narration, add annotations, insert quizzing elements, and add interactions to PowerPoint slides for a more engaging learner experience. Articulate files can also be easily uploaded to the CLE with the option to integrate presentations into a course gradebook. Read our recent blog post for additional information about Articulate.

Use Cases: Flipped classroom lectures, online courses, knowledge checks, graded assessments, scenarios and simulations, and more!

Articulate Project Example
Click the image below to view an example of an Articulate project about the CLE. This project was created in the eLearning Studio (CL245.

Getting to know the CLE Articulate example linkDigital Sketching
The Wacom tablet is available to UCSF faculty, students, and staff in the eLearning Studio. You can draw directly on the touch-screen surface of the tablet to create videos similar to those seen at the Khan Academy. Some of the more popular software used with the tablet are SketchBook Express, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Learning how to use the Wacom tablet monitor only takes a few minutes and is designed to simply ‘plug and play.’

Use Case: Sketch a workflow or process, explain a concept or idea, or annotate over a document or image.

Wacom Interactive Pen Display Demo
Watch a short video below about the Wacom Interactive Pen display located in CL-245 on the second floor of the UCSF Library.

Screen Capture
Use Camtasia to create a video recording of what’s happening on your computer screen with annotations and narration. Camtasia can be used to create simple presentations or sophisticated movie like videos. The powerful software allows you to edit/modify content and then share the video on various platforms.

Use Case: Record a procedure, explore a website, record a video lecture , create a video for training purposes.

Camtasia Video Example
The video below was created by Dylan Romero and includes audio recordings, screencaptures, annotations.

Video Editing
The Tech Commons (CL 240) is equipped with wide variety of multimedia editing applications. This includes 5 Macs and 2 PCs, scanners, equipment for digitizing DVD, VHS, MiniDV and audio cassette tapes, access to the iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe CS6 Design Suite, and more. A complete listing of software/hardware is available on our learning tech support site.

Use Cases: Digitize copies of VHS, DVD, or MiniDV, video production and editing, photo scanning and image editing.

Video Project Example
The video below was created by Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate Sarah Pasetes. She borrowed camera equipment from the Tech Commons to record the video and used editing software to make edits.

Demonstration of how to use a MAD to deliver midazolam intr

Help and Support
Learning Tech Specialists are available to help guide you through the process of creating multimedia projects. We can help you find the right tool for the job, teach you how to use that tool, and support you until the project is complete.

Have questions? Register for a Tech Clinic or make an appointment with a Learning Tech Specialist to get some guidance on your project!

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