Students Grading Students in the CLE

Incorporating peer assessment into your curriculum is an effective method for getting students involved in the teaching and learning process. The CLE provides a tool for that very purpose, called the Workshop activity. It doesn’t meet everyone’s needs, however. For one thing, the set up process is complex and it is difficult to maintain. Also, the grading process is challenging to understand, because students are graded on their ability to accurately assess others, instead of allowing students to actually assign grades directly to their peers.

If you are daring enough to allow students to directly grade their peers, we have an alternative idea for you; using the Forum activity and its built-in ratings feature. This method does require some planning, but it works!

Here is an outline of the general set up process. Please contact us for help, or attend a Tech Clinic for step-by-step help with this method:

  1. On the forum’s settings page, select a Ratings > Aggregate type, and then select Ratings > Type > Point, and type a value in the “Maximum points” box.
  2. Edit the “Rate Posts” Permission, adding the Student role to provide them with access to the ratings box (in just this forum).
  3. Instruct students to post, and then rate one another. This process can be tricky, and how the points get reported the gradebook will depend on the aggregate type that you set for the forum. Consider using Groups and Groupings to restrict which posts are visible to which students.

Once this process is complete, and students have rated one another, those ratings point values will appear directly in the gradebook!NOTE: We understand that allowing students to assign their peers an actual grade in the gradebook seems like a dangerous exercise, but remember (a) the CLE gradebook is not linked to the Registrar’s office, and (b) instructors can override grades at any time on the grading grid.

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