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quiz header imageThe CLE Quiz activity has been well documented here on the Convergence blog and we are always looking for ways to better support the online assessment tool. In the past we provided CLE Tips for Finals, a CLE Quiz FAQ, CLE Exam Tips for Students, and have recently released a video series showcasing the CLE Quiz activity.

Just a reminder that the CLE uses the term “Quiz” for the activity, but do not be mistaken – the Quiz activity is a robust online assessment tool that can be used for self-evaluations, tests, exams, mid-terms, and finals at UCSF.

Are you preparing for an upcoming CLE exam or final? Take a look at the video series below to learn about creating, configuring, and grading a CLE Quiz.

The content is organized into three videos, and a bonus FAQ video. This video series is designed to help UCSF faculty and staff quickly find the information they need when administering an online exam in the UCSF CLE.

Add a Quiz Video
In this video we will add a Quiz to a CLE course and configure Quiz settings.

Add Questions to a Quiz Video
In this video we will create and add questions to a CLE Quiz.

Grade a Quiz Video
In this video we will grade a CLE Quiz.

Quiz FAQ Video
In this video we will review a few frequently asked questions about the CLE Quiz activity.


Have questions about these videos or about an upcoming CLE Quiz? Contact a Learning Tech Specialist or attend an upcoming Tech Clinic at the UCSF Library.

We have a Quiz Demo scheduled for the May 13 Tech Clinic, from 1:30-3pm. Join us at the UCSF Library for a demonstration and conversation on the power of the Quiz activity! Click below to learn more and register:

register buttonLearning Tech Specialists are also available to help review CLE quizzes with faculty and course staff before a high-stakes exam such as a midterm or final. We call this a Quiz Preflight and it only takes 10-15 minutes to confirm quiz settings are configured correctly.

Remember to visit the UCSF Learning Tech Support Center to view our growing collection of CLE support videos and for additional Quiz support!

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