Say Hello to Atto!

Did you know there is a new CLE text editor, called Atto? Not to worry, the current text editor (called TinyMCE) used to add text to CLE course pages, reply to forums, answer essay questions, and much more, is still available as the default editor in the CLE.

screenshot of the atto editor

UCSF students, faculty, and staff are now able to select Atto as their CLE text editor. Why would you want to do this? The Atto editor improves usability and accessibility, and is also mobile-friendly. The Atto editor is designed with accessibility in mind and will even warn you when content that you have added to the editor is not accessible. And did we mention that you can now add images to the Atto text editor using drag and drop?

Here is what Atto looks like!

GIF of Atto being used on a Laptop

And below is what Atto looks like on a mobile device, such as an iPhone:

gif of using atto on iphone

Interested in using the Atto editor? Follow the instructions below to change your CLE text editor:

  1. Log in to the UCSF CLE
  2. From the Navigation block, click My Profile > View Profile
  3. From the Administration block, click Edit Profile
  4. From the Text editor drop-down, choose Atto HTML editor
  5. Click Update Profile button

You can return to your CLE Profile at any time and switch back to the TinyMCE editor if you are not a fan of Atto.

Remember to avoid using Internet Explorer (IE) when accessing the CLE, as some functionality may not work, such as drag and drop. You can read more about recommended browsers for the CLE on the CLE FAQ.

Other features of the Atto editor include:

  • Improved usability and accessibility
  • Mobile and theme-friendly
  • Screenreader helper
  • Accessibility checker
  • Created and maintained by Moodle (the system that powers the CLE)

Want to learn more about using CLE Text Editors? Visit the Learning Tech Support Center (or click the image below) to view detailed instructions for using both the TinyMCE and Atto text editors. Atto will one day become the CLE default text editor, so give it a try and let us know what you think.

screenshot of cle text editor document in learning tech support centerHave additional questions? Contact a Learning Tech Specialist today!

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