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As the quarter comes to an end, that means it is assessment time at UCSF! Faculty across campus will use the UCSF Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) to assess student learning in content ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. The main activity used for online assessment in the UCSF CLE is the Quiz activity.

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Do not be misled by the name – use-cases for the Quiz activity range from take-home quizzes to high-stakes, proctored midterms and finals.

The Quiz activity is a powerful online assessment tool with multiple question types to choose from, automatic grading for nearly every question type, review capabilities to allow students to view their responses and results after an attempt, and also provides robust reporting including statistics.

As Learning Tech Specialists, we are always incorporating new best practices and recommendations for online assessment in the CLE. Below are three CLE resources from the Learning Tech Support Center that we hope students, faculty, and staff will find helpful as they prepare to finish the quarter.

CLE Exam Tips for Students

Quiz FAQ

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Embed Video or Audio in a CLE Quiz

Need help?

Read more about Effective quiz practices from the Moodle community (the system that powers the CLE) – including quiz strategies, quiz security, and question randomization to prevent dishonesty.

Learning Tech Specialists are available to help review CLE quizzes with faculty and course staff before a high-stakes exam such as a midterm or final. We call this a Quiz Preflight and it only takes 10-15 minutes to confirm quiz settings are configured correctly.

Register for an upcoming Tech Clinic or contact a Learning Tech Specialist to schedule a Quiz Preflight today!

Do you have a creative use of the Quiz activity or feedback on best practices? Share with the UCSF community by leaving a comment below.

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