Got Blocks? The CLE Does!

Faculty and course staff spend a lot time developing activities and resources in the UCSF CLE. Blocks, or the content located on the right and/or left side of a CLE course page, often get little attention outside of the Navigation and Administration blocks. Brace yourself, because in this post we will review the types of blocks available in CLE courses and will also showcase a particularly helpful one; the Remote News Feed block.

We wrote about Block Management last year, but did you know there are many different types of blocks that can be added to a CLE course (34 to be specific)? Below is a complete list of available blocks. Click to learn more about each:

  1. Activities
  2. Attendance (read more on the Convergence blog)
  3. Blog menu
  4. Blog tags
  5. Calendar
  7. Community Finder
  8. Course Completion Status
  9. Course/Site Summary
  10. Courses
  11. Favorite Courses (read more in the Learning Tech Support Center)
  12. HTML
  13. Ilios Calendar – displays information related to the Ilios calendar
  14. iRocket Helpdesk Рdisplay contact information for the UCSF School of Medicine’s iRocket Helpdesk
  15. Latest News
  16. Logged In User
  17. Mentees
  18. Message
  19. My Private Files
  20. Online Users
  21. People
  22. Quickmail (read more on the Convergence blog)
  23. Quiz Results
  24. Random Glossary Entry
  25. Recent Activity
  26. Recent Blog Entries
  27. Recent Courses (read more in the Learning Tech Support Center)
  28. Remote RSS Feeds (read more below!)
  29. Respondus LockDown Browser (read more in the Learning Tech Support Center)
  30. Search Forums
  31. Section Links
  32. Self Completion
  33. Tags
  34. Upcoming Events

This post showcases the Remote News Feed block and provides instructions for setting up an RSS feed such as Class Capture, inside of a CLE course. Class Capture is the popular service supported by Educational Technology Services (ETS) that allows UCSF faculty to record classroom presentations, and then share online them with students.

Faculty can setup the Remote News Feed block one time at the start of class, and newly recorded lectures will automatically populate in the block. Sort of like “set it and forget it” – until next quarter at least!

Do you have a class starting in the summer or fall that will use the Class Capture service? If so, visit the UCSF Learning Tech Knowledge Base or just click the image below for step-by-step instructions on configuring the Remote News Feed block to display Class Capture recordings in a CLE course.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 4.36.42 PMWe will continue to showcase other blocks and features in the CLE in upcoming Convergence blog posts. If you are using blocks in an innovative or creative way in your CLE course, we would love to know! Please share with us by posting a comment below, attending a UCSF Tech Clinic, or contacting the Learning Technologies Group directly.

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