Fall 2014 Tech Clinics Announced

Have you been working on CLE or multimedia projects this summer in preparation for fall courses? If you have, I am sure you have questions or even better, want to share some of the great work that you have done. Just in time for the Fall 2014 quarter, we are excited to announce dates for the upcoming Tech Clinics offered through the Learning Technologies Group and UCSF Library. You can register for a Clinic today on the Tech Clinics page.

The Learning Technologies Group will offer one Multimedia Clinic and one CLE Clinic a month throughout the rest of the year. The Clinics are offered at no cost to all UCSF community members. Here are some recent changes to the CLE that you may be interested in learning more about at an upcoming CLE Clinic:

  • The recent CLE Refresh
  • Web conferencing alternatives
  • Tips for managing CLE courses from quarter to quarter
  • Improvements to the Quiz activity
  • Recommendations for designing courses for students using mobile devices

New additions to Tech Clinics offerings include:

  • Attend a Clinic remotely using WebEx
  • Attend a CLE Roundtable to collaborate with other staff and faculty using the CLE
  • Film a faculty interview in the eLearning Studio during a Multimedia Clinic
  • Discover use cases for using iPads and mobile devices in the classroom at a Multimedia Clinic
  • And of course, train new staff!

Each Clinic offers short presentation/demos on popular topics throughout the day as well as one-on-one support opportunities with Learning Technologies staff.

CLE Clinics Fall Schedule (click below for more information and to register)

Multimedia Clinics Fall Schedule (click below for more information and to register)

*Have the Learning Technologies Group helped you recently? During the Multimedia Clinic on Friday, September 12, we will be filming testimonials on working with the UCSF Library and Learning Technologies Group. If you are interested in participating and filming a 30-60 second testimonial during the September 12 Clinic, please register using the link above or contact the Learning Technologies Group.

We hope to see you there!

Image Credit: “Light-Bulb” designed by Phil Goodwin from the Noun Project
Image Credit: “Refresh” designed by Chris Dobbins from the Noun Project
Image Credit: “Check-Mark” designed by DEADTYPE from the Noun Project





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