CLE Refresh Coming Tomorrow

CLE_logo2Tomorrow, August 2, the Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) will undergo an update as detailed in last month’s blog post, Announcing the CLE Refresh! The CLE will be unavailable on Saturday, August 2, from 6 AM – 2 PM (PDT) to complete the upgrade to Moodle 2.6 (the original upgrade date was scheduled for July 26).

Here are just a few improvements to look forward to with the refresh:

A New Look and Feel: You will immediately notice the new CLE theme when logging in August 2 after 2pm. Take a look around and notice the new CLE Home Page – with quick access to your CLE courses and support resources.

cle home draft

Mobile Friendly: The CLE is now mobile friendly! Try visiting your summer or fall courses using your mobile device. The CLE will now scale to fit the device of your choosing!

600px-better-responsive-design10 Notable Features as Explained by Sean Gabriel McClelland: Last month’s blog post included Sean Gabriel McClelland’s Top 10 New Features: Summer 2014. Check it out and contact LTG or post a comment below if you have any of your own additions for this list!

featuresHere are a few items that may cause some initial confusion, as well as explanations of the changes:

  • Course names now automatically display on top of page: You will notice that the name of the course now appears on the top of CLE course page. This is a great way to provide a consistent experience for students throughout CLE courses.
  • All content and enrollment is transferred and no content migration required: Unlike the CLE update last summer, you will not need to migrate any course content. All content and student enrollment will be in your CLE course on Saturday, August 2.
  • No more Collaborate web conference activity: Collaborate will no longer be available at UCSF or via the CLE. Read more in the blog post, Collaborate Retiring on August 2.

Of course we will identify more new features as the UCSF community begins to explore the refreshed CLE. In the meantime, LTG is here to help!

  • Attend a CLE Clinic for workshops focusing on new features and best practices. The Clinics are scheduled to begin again in September 2014.
  • Visit the Learning Tech Support Center as we can continue to develop support materials for the CLE.
  • Provide feedback via the CLE Refresh Survey located on the front page of the CLE starting Saturday, August 2.
  • As always, contact the Learning Technologies Group with any questions!

Image Credit: “Refresh” designed by Andrew Lynne from the Noun Project.
Image Credit: Moodle Trust

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