iMovie 10: New Workflow

imovie-10-icon In our previous post, we discussed important changes to the most recent version of Final Cut Pro, and how those changes affect your video editing workflow. In this post we will have a similar discussion about the changes to the new version of iMovie.

The latest version of the application is iMovie 10, and it is installed on each of the Mac workstations in CL240 and CL245. It is a simple yet powerful video editing application that has undergone a number of makeovers in the past few years. Improvements in version 10 include a refined interface, color matching features, native file editing (no more waiting for an import to finish before you can start editing), ability to export to MP4, and the use of a new “library” file to manage your projects.

It is very important to understand the new library method for file management, because all of our workstations in the Tech Commons area are “locked down” and files are erased upon reboot!

imovie 10 library fileAll related project files, events, imported media and rendered media are now collected into a single file called a library. In iMovie ’09 and earlier, project files were spread out between two folders, and mixed up with other projects, so it was difficult to archive and move projects to an external hard drive. Now you only have to copy a single file when backing up your projects.

Also note that Apple renamed “projects” to “movies,” you know, just to make things more interesting!

Download our new “Managing iMovie 10 Movie Files” document, which offers a detailed explanation, along with step-by-step instructions for updating, creating and archiving files in iMovie 10.

Print versions of this handout are also available at each multimedia workstation in CL240.

As always, please leave your comments and suggestions below, and we look forward to seeing what you create with the new version of iMovie!


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