Upcoming CLE Upgrade to Moodle 2.4.7

Christmas Moodle

As the UCSF finals week slows down and the holiday fun ramps up, the CLE will be undergoing a minor update to the Moodle version 2.4.7. This update happened on Friday, December 13, 2013. When upgrades happen, the UCSF CLE is unavailable for approximately two hours at that time.

Some of the changes you may notice to the system include:

PDFs will now display properly on iPads (and other mobile devices) Thus far, we’ve had to live with PDFs not displaying or scrolling properly on iPads. But, after the Moodle 2.4.7 update, PDFs will work smoothly on mobile devices when the default setting (Automatic display) is used.
Extra blank rows will no longer display at the end of various lists Course instructors and managers may have noticed this when looking at Participant lists, Assignment submission lists, and others, but this will no longer be the case in the update.
Changes to Box repository functionality With the upgrade, it will no longer be possible to link to files uploaded in Box. Moving forward, files will need to be copied into courses (which is the recommended approach anyway). The good thing is that during the update, any existing Box file links will copy the files into the courses.Also, moving forward, users will be required to login to their Box accounts during each CLE login through the file picker. Fortunately, this authorization step is very fast and only requires clicking one extra button.

A variety of other bugs and glitches were also fixed in this release to help keep the system working properly. Please be aware that UCSF will be undergoing an even larger upgrade to Moodle 2.5 in early 2014. We’ll be sure to share all the exciting details before then! Until then, enjoy your holiday break and time with friends and family!

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