Spellchecker Workarounds for the CLE Text Editor

Spellchecker graphic

Recently, you may have a noticed that the spellchecker icon in the CLE’s text editor has completely vanished! How could this have happened, you ask? The short story is that Moodle (the e-learning platform that powers the CLE) was borrowing Google’s Spell service, which Google has now discontinued.

Nevertheless, this begs the question: what will those of us who perpetually misspell words like “rhythm” or mix up whether it’s the “i” or the “e” that comes first do to cope and keep our pride intact?

No worries, everyone! There are some handy workarounds that are already built into internet browsers. Pfew! Take a look at the chart below or follow the Spellcheck support document created by LTG to determine the steps you can take to view spelling suggestions for any misspelled words you find in the CLE text editor (depending on whether you use a PC or Mac computer and which internet browser you use).


Internet Explorer (v9) Unfortunately, there is no shortcut
Firefox (v24) Ctrl-RIGHT-click
Chrome (v30) Ctrl-RIGHT-click


Safari (v6) Ctrl-click
Firefox (v24) Ctrl-click
Chrome (v30) Ctrl-RIGHT-click

Please note these are the functions of the latest versions of each browser, so results may vary if your browser is not up to date. We encourage everyone to take advantage of these shortcuts and we’ll be sure to let you know if the spellchecker once again becomes available as a built-in feature of the CLE!

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