CLE and UCSF Box Integration


Are you using UCSF Box? Have you heard about this great new service for the UCSF community? Since Box was released at UCSF in early 2013, many faculty, staff and students have jumped on-board to use the file hosting system to share, collaborate and archive documents. LTG uses Box for our knowledge base to help keep all of our internal documents organized.

You can now use Box to host and insert files into courses on the UCSF CLE. This includes Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, images, PDFs and much more. Files can be uploaded to Box and copied or linked to courses in the CLE. Want to make a change to a file? Simply update the file in Box and all linked versions of the file in the CLE will automatically update. Here are a few more reasons to use the Box repository with the CLE:

  • Access all course files on Box from any computer with an internet connection – no need for flash drives, external hard drives or bringing your laptop home to work on course documents.
  • Copy video files or large multi-touch books that are too large to upload directly to the CLE.
  • Box is mobile friendly! Access all course files from your iPhone, Android or other mobile device.
  • Take a collaborative approach to curriculum development – use Box’s social media features such as sharing, comments, likes or tasks while developing course content before making it available to students on the CLE.

To learn more about how to use Box with the CLE, please view our step-by-step documentation.

As you begin to take advantage of the CLE/Box integration, please keep us posted. We are excited to learn more about how the new integration is being used within the UCSF community!

For more information on Box and how it can be used at UCSF, check out the Box support website supported by Information Technology, and as always, feel free to contact LTG staff.

Not using Box? Dropbox and Google Drive can also be used to insert files into CLE courses. Visit the CLE Support Center for more information and step-by-step instructions.

Image Credit: Moodle Trust and Box

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