Download Recorded Collaborate Sessions

collaborateA common request from UCSF Collaborate users is the ability to download recorded sessions to edit and view at a later time. Previously, recorded Collaborate sessions could only be viewed in a streaming format using a web browser.

With the announcement of Blackboard Collaborate 12.5, users can now access and download MP4 and MP3 versions of recorded Collaborate sessions. This provides new opportunities for getting more out of Collaborate recordings such as:

  • Archive lectures/meetings/team projects
  • Edit recorded sessions to remove interruptions
  • Combine multiple recordings into one video

To begin downloading MP4, MP3, or both versions of recorded Collaborate sessions, please view the support document created for the UCSF Collaborate community here.

To learn more about using Collaborate at UCSF, visit the Collaborate@UCSF User Guide or contact LTG staff.

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