Problems Joining Collaborate Sessions on Mac OS X 10.8.4

We have discovered an issue with the Collaborate web conferencing system and OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.4. If you have recently updated a Mac that you use to join a Collaborate session as a moderator or participant; or if you are trying to view a recorded Collaborate session, please follow either one of the three suggested workarounds below that have been provided by Blackboard.

Affected Platforms
Mac OS X 10.8.4

Recent security changes released by Apple may prevent Web Conferencing customers from launching Blackboard Collaborate sessions and recordings. Customers using OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.4 will be affected. The security changes no longer allow users to auto-launch JNLP files. The following message will appear when trying to launch a session:

3Note: Clicking the OK button will NOT launch the session

This issue can be resolved by using one of the following workaround methods:

Workaround 1 (Recommended):
Role: Moderators and Participants
Difficulty: Novice

To launch a Web Conferencing session or recording follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the downloaded JNLP. Note: Please refer to knowledge base article 2941 to learn how to locate the JNLP Download.
  2. Control-click (or right-click) the file and then select “Open” from the context menu. You will see the Open meeting.jnlp confirmation message (Refer to the image below).2
  3. Click the “Open” button at the bottom of the dialogue box to launch your Web Conferencing session (Refer to the image above).

Note: Repeat workaround 1 every time you wish to launch a Web Conferencing session or a recording.

Workaround 2:
Role: Moderators and Participants
Difficulty: Novice

  1. Go to your Apple Menu at the top left corner of your computer screen.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Select Security & Privacy (Refer to the image below).4
  4. If necessary, click the lock icon at the bottom left of the Security & Privacy window to make the needed changes (Refer to the image above).
  5. Under the “Allow applications downloaded from area”, select the Anywhere option at bottom of the Security & Privacy window (Refer to the image below).1
  6. Click the “Allow from Anywhere” button to confirm (Refer to the image above).
  7. You should now see the Open confirmation message shown in the image below:5
  8. Click the “Open” button to allow your Web Conferencing session or recording to launch successfully.

Workaround 3: Collaborate supports mobile devices too!
Role: Participant Only

Join the Blackboard Collaborate session on your iOS mobile device (iPhone/iPad) or Android phone or tablet. Please refer to knowledge base article 2474 to learn how.

Please contact LTG with any questions about the issue and we will update this post when more information is available.

Further Details
For further information regarding this Apple Security Update, please visit:

Link to the Blackboard Collaborate article:

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