New Wacom Tablet Monitor in Tech Commons

wacom_xrayMany educators and students are familiar with the Khan Academy and have seen the video tutorials created by Salman Khan. Since 2009, the Khan Academy has become a rockstar in the field of educational technologies and has gathered both supporters and critics along the way. Regardless of your opinion on this type of asynchronous learning activity, we can all agree that it is definitely a creative way to teach short chunks of content to many learners.

LTG recently acquired a Wacom DTU-2231 interactive display that is available to UCSF faculty, students and staff. The 21.5” tablet monitor easily connects to the PC or Mac in CL-247. You can draw directly on the touch-screen surface of the tablet to create videos similar to those seen at the Khan Academy. Some of the more popular software used with the tablet are SketchBook Express, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Learning how to use the Wacom tablet monitor only takes a few minutes and is designed to simply ‘plug and play.’

There are many potential uses for the tablet monitor at UCSF. Below are just a few examples:

To begin using the Wacom DTU-2231 tablet to create your own instructional content, follow the steps below:

  1. Reserve CL-245 at
  2. Email to reserve the tablet and set up a brief consultation. The tablet is available during normal LTG hours, M-F, 8:30 am – 5pm.
  3. Plan or outline the instruction.
  4. Practice using the tablet and stylus in the software you plan to use.
  5. When ready, use the screen-recorder Camtasia to capture the annotations and drawings on your screen. If you are drawing or annotating on the Mac, use Sketchbook Express or the ink tool in PowerPoint. If you are using a PC, use PowerPoint.
  6. Edit screen-captures and other assets in Camtasia, iMovie ‘11 or Final Cut Pro X.
  7. Share your videos using Vimeo, YouTube or the UCSF CLE.

As always, please contact us with questions about potential ways to use the Wacom  tablet monitor or any of the technology supported by LTG staff!

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  1. Hi Dylan, great post. I just came across another annotation option. We had it all along and didn’t even know! It’s called ScreenDraw and it’s an “effect” that’s available in the Camtasia (PC version) recording tool bar while you’re actively recording the screen. Details, including a video tutorial on ScreenDraw are here:

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